This is the fourth episode of the Wiki Series.


Ash, Misty and Brock are heading for Mt. Moon, when Ash suddenly starts shouting. "A Pokemon!" he shouts, pointing at a Weedle. "Weedle," Ash's PokeDex says, "often found in forests, eating leaves. It has a sharp venomous stinger on its head." "Go, Poke Ball!" Ash shouts, while throwing a Poke Ball at Weedle. Weedle gets in, and is eventually caught. "I caught a Weedle!" Ash shouts. Then, a Bug Catcher comes along. "A Weedle, let's see what it can do." "Ash, he challenges you to a battle." Brock says. "Then I take it!" Ash replies.

The Bug Catcher sends out a male Nidoran. "One against one." he says. "All right!" Ash replies, "Go Weedle!" "Ash, your not going to win this." Misty says. "I am gonna win this!" Ash replies. He gets out his PokeDex. "Rattata," it says, "bites anything when it attacks." "But... That's not a bug." Ash says. "I don't care!" the Bug Catcher replies, "Rattata, use Tackle!"

More to be added soon!