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Mom:Wake up dear.


Screen Stops in black and white,and Regan talks:Edit

Regan:This is me,in the morning.In the best day ever.Watch next.


Mom:You're 10 by today.You can get your pokemon!

Regan:Awesome!That means I can try to father....

Screen Stops in black and white:Edit

Regan:You probabily are wondering what I am talking about.Well,My dad was once the Champion of Kanto League,until one day when...He just went missing.No one knew where he was.


Regan:I can't believe it's today.*runs*



Mom:Take your pants!



  • bumps into Dixon*

Dixon:Look where you're walking,fool!

Regan:Stop with the rudeness.

Dixon:You're such a fool!*leaves*

On The Lab:Edit

Oak:You're late.

Regan:Sorry Professor!

Oak:So what stater do you wanna have?


Oak:I am sorry Regan,but Squirle is taken.!

Oak:Sorry again,but that's taken too.

Regan:Well then,Charmander will be my choice!

Oak:Great choice!

Regan:Did I had an alternative?*takes the pokeball*

Oak:Oh,I almost forgott!Take this PokeDex and thoose Pokeballs!They're essential to a pokemon trainer!

Regan:Thank you Professor.


  • Bumps into Dixon*

Dixon:You again?Man,I think you need glasses or something.Or are you blind?

Regan:Sorry,I didn't seen you,really!

Dixon:What's that?

Regan:A Pokeball.

Dixon:So you have a pokemon?


Dixon:I chalange you to a Pokemon Battle then!I wanna see if you're as good as battling as good you are at bumping!

Regan:But I didn't used my Pokemon yet!

Dixon:Humph....are you scared?

Regan:Of course not!

Dixon:Then battle me!


Dixon:Go Squirtle!

Regan:Go Charmander!

Dixon:Use Tackle!

Regan:Charmander,dodge!Charmader?Hey?You there?I said dodge!!!!

Charmander does not moves and gets hit.

Regan:Agh,....Charmander!Use Tackle!!Charmander?Charmander,hey!I said use Tackle!

Dixon:Hahaha!Seems like your pokemon won't move anytime soon!Squirtle,use Tacke again!


Charmander won't dodge and faints.


Dixon:Hahahah!You're such a fool!HAAHAHA!*leaves*

Regan:Charmander,why won't you want to listen to me!

Charmander:....*fires him*

Regan:Oh so now you can attack?Okay,enough!Charmander,return!