The four kids (James, Keith, Bella and Steward) climb through the hole in the wall. They come into the Secret Classroom.

Bella: Let's search the book.

Steward: Let's see... Groudon, Kyogre, some sort of Pokemon called Ho-Oh, one called Lugia, and... Rayquaza!

James: What does it say about him?

Steward: Rayquaza lived for hundreds of millions of years in the Earth's ozone layer, above the clouds. It is said it would descend to the ground if Kyogre and Groudon were to fight. However, it will also appear if you have the Crystal of the Sea and the Crystal of the Land, melted together.

Keith: This must be how they got Rayquaza a year ago.

James: This makes it more logical.

Bella: So then this case is all clear. We can leave now.

Steward: Not yet.

Bella: And why not?

Steward: Why is this secret classroom under the School? And where does this door lead to?

Keith: Mallion didn't say anything about that.

James: When we meet him next, we'll ask about the whole story. But we musn't mention the classroom.

Steward: I think I can open this lock.


Steward: Opened!

Bella: So what's in there?

Steward: It's a cupboard! There's no way out.

James: How strange.

Bella: Well, part of the mystery is solved. I think we should forget about this all. It's from a year ago, so...

Keith: I hear footsteps, coming from outside.

Bella: I hear nothing.

Keith: Come and stand here, at the hole. Hear it now?

Bella: Yes. It's coming this way.

James: We have to hide. If we go outside now, they'll see us for sure.

Steward: But there isn't a hiding place in here.

James: Yes there is! Everyone, get in the cupboard. Steward, how did you open it?

Steward: This lock is really small, and easy to open with a paperclip.

James: Everybody in the cupboard, now. Steward, you must close it on the inside.

In the cupboardEdit


Steward (whispers): Closed it.

Keith (whispers): Someone's getting in.

Bella (whispers): Look. Here, at the back. The wall has opened. It leads to... the School basement.

James (whispers): It's a secret entrance.

Keith (whispers): Then why isn't the person who is now getting in using it?

James (whispers): I can look to the key hole.

Bella (whispers): Who is it?

James (whispers): No. Oh no. It's... It's Principal Jerald (the principal of the Ranger School).

To be continued!