In front of the Guild:Edit

Chimchar:I must do this!If I won't,I'll never be part of an exploration team!That's it!I've gotta do it!*steps forward*

Diglett:Footprints detected!Footprints detected!The footprints is....Chimchar!The footprints is....Chimchar!

Chimchar:Ghaa!*steps back*A talking hole!I can't do this!No..It's too scary!*runs away*

Zubat:This guy came here again?

Koofing:Yea..he comes everyday,but he always ends up running.

Zubat:Well I am not a kitten like him.I'm going in!

On the beach:Edit

Chimchar sees a RioluEdit

Chimchar:Hey there!Are you alright?What are you doing lying down here?


Chimchar:Of course I am talking,Riolu.

Riolu:R...Riolu?Why would you call me like that?

Chimchar:Um...maybe because you are a Riolu.

Riolu:WHAT?No...I am not a Riolu.I am Andrew...a human.

Chimchar:Well,you're looking very Riolu-ish to me.

Andrew looks in the sea:Edit

Andrew:(Gaaaah!It's true..I'm indeed a Riolu....)But how did I ended up a Riolu?

Chimchar:I don't know...If you want,I can go with you at your house.Maybe your family will have an idea. and family,you say?


Andrew:My family....who are they?And my house...where is it?

Chimchar:Whaaat?You don't know?

Andrew:Ugh..I guess I have amnesia.All I remember is that my name is Andrew,and that I am...or...I was,a human.

Chimchar:So you're not having any place to sleep?

Andrew:Well,not really....

Chimchar:Come to my house!Sharpedo Bluff.

Andrew:T..thanks.But..I don't wanna cause any problems to your parents.

Chimchar:My parents....

Andrew:Is something wrong?

Chimchar:They went on a trip to some island.They went with a pokemon called Lapras.But it was a storm,and they fell off Lapras...They were fire typed pokemons,like me...they fell on water...they never came back.

Andrew:I am sorry for you...

Chimchar:No worries.This is a similarity between you and me then!I don't have a family cause they died,and you don't have a family can't remember mostly anything.

Zubat and Koofing arrive:Edit

Koofing:Hello there,Chimchar!*pushes him,and take the Relic Fragment*

Chimchar:No!!My precious treasure!

Koofing and Zubat run in the Beach Cave:Edit

Andrew::What was what they stole?

Chimchar:I found it...3 months ago.It's my precious treasure!And they stole it!

Andrew:Well then there's no way I would let them take it!*run in the Beach Cave*

Chimchar:Ah!Wait for meee!!!

In the Beach Cave:Edit

Andrew:Agh,that Bidoof wants to attack us!

Chimchar:Then attack him back.


Chimchar:You...don't know?

Andrew:I am a pokemon since...some minutes ago.How do youe expect me know?

Chimchar:Um.just...use this!*uses Tacke on Bidoof*

Andrew:O...okay.I'll try!*uses Tackle on Bidoof,and he faints*I did it!I can attack!It's actually easier than I thought.

Chimchar:Now let's search for Zubat and Koofing.

Deeper in the cave:Edit

Chimchar:There you are!

Andrew:Give the Relic Fragment back to Chimchar.

Koofing:Agh..they found us!

Zubat:No worries...Supersonic!

Chimchar is now confused:Edit


Zubat is hurt:Edit

Koofing:Zubat!Can you move?

Zubat:Not for the time being.

Koofing:I will revenge you!Smokescreen!

Zubat:Now!Run with the Relic Fragment!

Koofing:But I can't let you there!

The smoke is gone:Edit

Zubat:Stupid you!You had the chance to run!

Andrew:TACKLE ONCE AGAIN!(on Koofing)*takes the Relic Fragment back*Hey Chimchar,I did it.Chimchar?

Chimchar is now out of confusionEdit

Chimchar:Ouch.My head still hurts,but...thank you Andrew!!

Andrew:Haha!No problem! we go to Sharpedo Bluff.

In a forest:Edit

Grovyle:Give up,Torterra!The Time Gear is mine. can;t...

Grovyle:*takes it*Finally.The first one!