At Sharpedo Bluff:Edit

Chimchar:You know Andrew..I've been thinking.Would you like to form an exploration team with me?

Andrew:..Exploration Team?

Chimchar:Yea...there is a Guild not far away.An Exploration team helps other pokemon,and explore dungeons,like Beach Cave.

Andrew:Seems cool.

Chimchar:At the end of an dungeon,there may be a treasure,or a secret or..

Andrew:...or an answer to why I was turned into a pokemon.


Andrew:Exploration team...sound good.Let's go there tomorow!


Andrew:Goodnight Chimchar.

Outside,a Loudred is seen spying on themEdit

Loudred:Guildmaster was right!They intend of joining the guild.So this must be the Chimchar that comes everyday.I've gotta tell this to the Guildmaster.

Next Morning:Edit

Chimchar:Okay Andrew.Ready?

Andrew:All set!

Chimchar:Oh by the you remember the town we passed by on the way here?


Chimchar:Well that's called Treasure Town.I'm gonna be a guide for you today! :)

On Treasure Town:Edit

Chimchar:This is Electrivire's Link Shop.I have no idea what he's doing...

Electrivire:Oh!A new face,perhaps?

Chimchar:Yep.He's my new friend.

Andrew:That's right!We're going to join the guild.

Electrivire:Sounds cool!Good Luck!

Chimchar:This is Keckleon's Brother Shop.You can sell or buy things here.

Keckeleon 1:Hello Chimchar!Wanna buy something?

Chimchar:No thanks.Just showing Andrew around the town.

Keckleon 2:Okay then!Goodbye!

Chimchar:This is Duskull's Bank.Here we can store our money.

Andrew:But we don't have money.

Chimchar:Yea..I am aware of that.Next,the last,it's Kanghaskhan's Storage.We can store here items.

Andrew:We don't have items either.

Chimchar:Yes,I know.

Andrew:But there seem to be more shops.No one is on it though.

Chimchar:The population around here grew lately,so more and more shops start opening.Thoose you mentioned are ones who will soon open.

Andrew:I see...Now to the guild.....agh..I'm hungry!

Chimchar:Here,take this Apple!

Loudred:You're not going to the Guild!

Andrew:Why not?

Loudred:Because...*steals the Apple*

Chimchar:Hey!Give it back!I gave it to Andrew to eat it!

Loudred:If you want it back come to Drenched Bluff,Floor 6.See you there!*leaves*

Chimchar:He's mean...

Andrew:Well,we gotta go to Drenched Bluff after him!Do you have any ideas of where that is?

Chimchar:Y...yes.Follow me!

At Drenched Bluff:Edit

Sunflora:You cannot go any further!

Andrew:Why not?

Sunflora:I cannot let you reach to Loudred!


Sunflora:You will only pass if  you beat me!

Andrew uses Tackle,and Chimchar uses Ember.Sunflora is defeated:Edit

Chimchar:Now,let's go!

At floor 6:Edit

Andrew:That Loudred should be here.

Loudred:Hahaha!There you are!!

Chimchar:Give us the apple back!

Loudred:Force me!Defeat me!



Loudred*dodges*Hyper Voiceeee!!


Andrew:AAAAH!My ears!!!!

Andrew:I know!Quick Attack!

Loudred:AGH!Fine!Take your stupid apple back!Sunflora!


Loudred:Let's leave!

They leave:Edit

Chimchar:Now we can finally go to join the Guild!

In front of the guild:Edit

Diglett:Pokemon Detected!Pokemon Detected!

Loudred:Whoose footprints?Whoose footprints?

Diglett:Chimchar and Riolu!

Loudred:Let them in! 


Wigglytuff:Welcome to the Guild!


Everyone:WELCOME! did you knew we wanted to join?

Chatot:Loudred and Sunflora told us.

Chimchar:What?They..what?I don't get it...

Loudred:I knew youn wanted to join,so Chatot wanted me and Sunflora to test you.

Chimchar:So all of it..the Apple stealing,was all a test?


Wigglytuf:Yes,we're all friends here!Friendly Friends!

Andrew:So then!We wanna join!

Chatot:Of course!What will your name be?

Chimchar:Our name..uhh....

Andrew:Flame Kick.

Chimchar:That's a great name1

WIgglytuff:That's it,Team FlameKick!You're not oficially an exploration team!