It is an important day at school. The children from Mr Mason's class are taken into the country by Rangers.

Mr Mason: Now I announce the last two groups.

Keith: We'll probably be in the last one.

Mr Mason: Group 5... Bella, Steward, Jamine and Damian. Group 6... James and Keith.

Keith: Said so.

Mallion: I'm Mallion. You two will come with me.

At a cliff, near the beachEdit

Keith: That was a long walk, but worth it! Look at all the Pokemon.

James: What's that?

Mallion: That is a Shellos. This one is pink, but you also have blue ones. That is a Magikarp, the fish swimming over there, and that thing is a Krabby.

Keith: What are these people dressed in yellow and black doing with that...

Mallion: That's a Gokdeen. But why are they grabbing it?

At the beachEdit

Mallion: Leave that Goldeen alone? I'm a Pokemon Ranger, and your doing things against the law! Who are you?

Team Lightning Grunt: I am a worker for Team Lightning.

Mallion: Not again!

Team Lightning Grunt 2: Let's take a run for it.

They run away, with the Goldeen.

Mallion: We've got to get them!

In a caveEdit

Keith: Are you sure they're here?

James: There they are!

Team Lightning Grunt: No!

He throws the Goldeen at them. Mallion catches it. The Grunts run away.

Back outsideEdit

James: What or who is Team Lightning?

Mallion: Team Lightning is a group who want to take over the world. They tried last year, but were stopped by us, Rangers.

Keith: Now I know! I saw it on the news.

Mallion: They are really intrested in Legendary and Strong Pokemon. Last year, they were searching for Rayquaza, a legendary Pokemon.

Back at the Ranger SchoolEdit

James and Keith tell everything to Bella and Steward.

Steward: So you think the Secret Classroom has anything to do with Team Lightning?

James: Yes. Let's look if Rayquaza is in the book.

Bella: We'le go there when School is over. 4:00 PM.

Everybody agrees.

To be continued!