In Andrew and Chimchar's Room:Edit


Chimchar:Just five for minutes mom..oh...Andrew!Hurry!We're late!

At the Guild's Square:Edit

Everyone:And Three!Smiles go for Miles!

Chatot:Okay Pokemon.Get to work.

Chimchar:This will be our first day!Let's do great,Andrew!

Chatot:You two.You shall take a easy mission from the Job Bulletin Board.

Andrew:Count on us for that,Chatot.

Chimchar:Let's go then.

At the JoB Bulletin Board:Edit

Andrew:Hey,this seems easy!"Hello,I am Butterfree!It's hard to explain trough this.Please meet with me in Treasure Town"

Chimchar:Okay!Let's go!

In Treasure Town:Edit

Butterfree:Oh I am glad they finally send someone.You are an exploration team,aren't you?

Andrew:Yes.What's the problem?

Butterfree:Well,my son,a Caterpie had went in Tiny Forest to play with Kakuna.But Kakuna is a bully.I don't trust him.Could you please go and check if everything is alright?

Chimchar:Sure!Job Accepted!

Tiny Forest:Edit

They went against many pokemons inside,but when they reach to Floor 4....Andrew falls down:Edit

Chimchar:ANDREW!Are you okay?

Andrew:All the pokemons we went against until here...I am hurt.

Chimchar:Oh!Ummm.....I know!Wait here!

A bit more away:Edit

Chimchar:*drags a Oran Berry off a tree*That should do!

Bedrill:That shall not do!*steals it*

Chimchar:Hey!Give it back?

Bedrill:Force me!


Chimchar:Caterpie?!?!So you must be Kakuna.

Bedrill:I WAS Kakuna.I evolved just now.I am a Bedrill now.

Chimchar:So you're the bully who kidnapped Caterpie!

Bedrill:Kidnapped?Please,you're insulting me!He wanted to play!


Bedrill:Life is sometimes cruel,isn't it?

Chimchar:Free Caterpie and give me my Oran Berry back!

Bedrill:Hahahah!!!*takes Caterpie and the hurt Andrew and fly further in the cave*


Tiny Forest Pit:Edit

Chimchar:So there you are!

Bedrill:Get lost!

Chimchar:Andrew...I know you're hurt,but..focus the power you have left to do a scratch and free yourself!

Andrew:But Bedrill will just tie me back!It's no use!

Chimchar:Trust me!Have faith!

Andrew:Okay...SCRATCH!*frees himself!

Bedrill:Haa!I am gonna tie you back!!

Chimchar:No you won't!Smokescreen!

Bedrill:AAAH!I can't see!

Chimchar jumps in the smoke,takes the Oran Berry and the smoke fades away:Edit

Bedrill:Noo!Give it back!

Chimchar gives the Oran Berry to Andrew,and he eats it:Edit

Andrew:Wow!That berry...I feel way better!

Chimchar:Then you know what we have to do!




Chimchar:SCRATCH!*frees Caterpie*

Caterpie:THANK YOU!!

Andrew:Now let's return!Your mom is very worried.

At the Guild:Edit

Butterfree:Thank you for saving my kid from that bully.

Chimchar:No problem.That's our job.

Butterfree:And this is your reward!

Andrew: 2,000 Pokes?Really?

Chimchar:We're gonna get rich like that!

Chatot:*takes the money*I am gonna take that.Thank you.

Andrew:HEY!What are you doing?

Chimchar:We won it fair and square!

Chatot:90% of the rewards go to the guild.

Andrew:So what do we keep?


Chimchar:WHAAAT???Only 300 Poke??

Chatot:Sorry.Thoose are the rules.I didn't made them.Oh wait...I did.Well,Bye!


At Grovyle's hideout:Edit

Grovyle:This Time Gear...the one from the forest,guarded by the old Torterra...It has the power to change the weather!I HAVE the power to change the weather as of my likings.Let's test this!What about a storm on Treasure Town!Hahaha!