Keith: Today, we get teached how to use a styler.

James: I can't wait!

In the classroom at the Ranger SchoolEdit

Mr Mason: Today, I will show you how to use a Styler.

Arron: Epic!

Mr Mason: If you would all follow me outside, I will capture a Bidoof.


Bella: Isn't it dangerous to have wild Pokemon in the School Yard.

Mr Mason: We need them to teach, and children practise on them, Mrs Edwardson.

Arron: Out of the way, I want to see!

He pushes Keith.

James: Look out!

Arron: Anything against me?!

James: Yes!

Mr Mason: You two, stop at ones.

Arron (whispers): I'll get you later.

Mr Mason uses the Styler to catch a Bidoof.

Three Kids: Wow!

Tall Girl: Awsome!

Mr Mason: Now all of you will get a School Styler. It only can catch small Pokemon.

He hands them to the students.

Small Boy: I'm gonna catch a Bidoof.

Another Boy: I'm gonna a Tailow.

Keith (whispers to James): I heard that there are Charmanders in the back, near the School Statue.

James: Let's try and catch one.

Near the School StatueEdit

James: There, a Charmander!

Keith: And a Squirtle!

James: Look, a Bulbasaur! I heard from Steward that they are rare!

Keith: Let's catch one!

Steward: Wait for me!

Bella: I'de better not go after it. They are quite strong, you know.

Keith: Come on, Bella! Just let us have fun!

Bella: I like fun too, but this is dangerous!

Steward: It's running away, let's catch it!

At the back of the SchoolEdit

Keith: Guys, I've found it! It's climbing through a hole in the School's wall, trying to get into the basement!

Bella: But the basement is on the other side of the School!

James: Then what is this?

Steward: The hole is big enough to get through for kids like us.

Keith: Let's get in!

Inside the secret basementEdit

Bella: This isn't a basement! It's a classroom.

Keith: Look, a door.

James: It's locked.

Steward: Look at the dust! Nobody has been in here for a long time!

Bella: This book! I found it on a table! It's called: "Dangerous and Strong Pokemon."

Keith: Cool!

Steward: I've always wanted to see dangerous Pokemon! Open the book!

They look at the first page.

Steward: Let's read it! The first Pokemon is called... Groudon!

James: Never heard of it!

Keith: Bella, read it, but quiet.

Bella: Groudon has long been described in mythology as the Pokémon that raised lands and expanded continents.     This Pokémon took to sleep after a cataclysmic battle with Kyogre.

Keith: Who is Kyogre?

Steward: Turn the page.

The next page shows Kyogre

Bella: Kyogre is named in mythology as the Pokémon that expanded the sea by covering the land with torrential rains and towering tidal waves. It went to sleep after a cataclysmic battle with Groudon.

Steward: Look at that picture! This sure is a strong Pokemon.

Keith: Look! There's a note attached to it!

Bella: What does it say?

Steward: This is the Pokemon we're looking for! If we get it, we can find the Crystal of the Sea!

James: What's that supposed to mean?

Keith: Let's go, before Mr Mason realises we're gone.

To be continued!